Writer of fiction (mostly) and lover of books (always)

Childhood and Books

Childhood and booksOnce upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read. She looked forward to weekly visits to the library to check out as many as four books at a time, most of which she would read in the next day or so. It was hard deciding which books to check out each week, but not the hardest reading related activity she had.

The hardest was deciding which books to buy every month at book ordering time. She would pour over the colorful book flyers, having to eliminate options to come down to the maximum amount of books her mom had set for purchase. Happy were the days the orders came in and she carried new treasures home.

Adulthood and Books

The little girl grew up, married, and started a family. She still read, but it was harder to do when her kids were young. As they grew, she continued to read, astonishing her children when she read an entire book–several hundred pages–in a single day.

Books and Writing

books and writingOther important changes came along. One was the internet, and eventually, through a fan fiction site, she discovered a love for writing. Eventually, her kids grew and she needed to figure out what to do with her life because her days as a stay-at-home mom were drawing to an end and she was excited, but confused, at to what the future held. After several conversations with her supportive husband, she had a plan.

Hitting the Books

Hitting the books I would go back to school and get a BA in English and then continue on for an MFA. In 2007 I went back to school as a non-traditional student and graduated in the spring of 2010. I started grad school in the fall of 2010 and graduated in January of 2013.

In the fall of 2013, I was back at my alma mater as an adjunct faculty member–with blue and purple streaks in my hair–in the English department, which was weird and took some getting used to. In addition to teaching, I continue to read as much as I can and write fiction.


Merriam-Webster online has several definitions for borderlands: lives at or near a border; fringes; a vague intermediate state or region.

When I teach, my students and I use writing and literature to explore issues in the borderlands-people and issues that are easily overlooked in society because they are on the edges–in the borderlands. I try to do the same with my fiction, exploring the borders of what is and what may be. Past and present weave their way into my work; the seen and unseen as well. Welcome to the borderlands.

books and me