WIP-Weather as portals, allowing time to slip past itself

WIP-Weather as portalsWeather’s influence

The weather in Sweetwater County, as well as surrounding areas, pushed and pulled at the intersections of past and present, molding them according to time and temperature. Hot summer days, when the air shimmered above the pavement stretched the separation between the two, thinning out the separation. Past and present leaked over into each other more often in the summer. Coupled with the longer summer days meant more time for either side to get into mischief.

Days where the fog stalled on it’s return to the sky were the worst. Gray, misty, fog-shrouded November days with their cold drizzle seem to be most active, as though one era thought the weather had to be better on the other side of the cloudy veil.

But today, November’s weather was either a distant memory or something you remembered with fondness. The heat shimmered off of the roads, the sidewalks, and especially the blacktopped parking lots at the edge of the annual Buck’s Eye Festival. This hot muggy weather of this July day held the promise of afternoon thunderstorms and opportunities for residents of both past and present to slip past each other in the hopes the weather would be cooler on the other side of time.


I’m posting snippets of my current work-in-progress, or at least what may make my current work-in-progress. All WIP posts are rough drafts, which means they will undergo revision(s) in the not-to-distant future.


My writing for this story is a mashup between magical realism, local history and imagination allowed to explore where it wants to go. I like taking the history I’m familiar with and giving it a fictional twist to allow me more freedom to write my stories. As a result, I’m not quite sure what the end result will be; but I am having fun writing it.