Review-Assaulted Caramel: An Amish Candy Shop Mystery #1 by Amanda Flower

Assaulted Caramel

Book Info

Title: Assaulted Caramel

Series: Book One in the Amish Candy Shop series

Author: Amanda Flower

Published by: Kensington Books. Mass market edition. 329 pages.

Genre: Fiction, Cozy Mystery

The Book-Assaulted Caramel

Baily King lives in New York City and is up for promotion to head chocolatier at world famous JP Chocolates. But she returns home to Harvest, Ohio, a fictional town set in Ohio’s Amish country, when she receives word from her grandmother, Clara King, that Bailey’s grandfather, Jebediah King, is in poor health. Baily, though not Amish herself, is close to her Amish grandparents, especially her grandfather. He is the reason she is a chocolatier; as co-owner of Swissmen’s Sweets candy shop with her grandmother, Bailey learned about candy-making during summers spent in Ohio.

But what was initially planned as a short visit home turns into a murder investigation when Baily finds Tyson Colton, a greedy developer who had been unsuccessfully pressuring Jebediah King to sell his shop, dead in Swissmen’s Sweets kitchen with Jeb King’s candy knife buried in Colton’s chest.

Bailey can’t leave Harvest; the sheriff considers her a prime suspect in Colton’s murder. His order to stay puts her promotion at JP Chocolates at risk since she may not be back in New York City in time for the announcement. Also, the continual stress isn’t good for her grandfather’s health, so Bailey decides to help, in her own way, the sheriff department’s investigation. As a result, she keeps running into Deputy Aiden Brody and must constantly remind herself Eric Sharp, a well-known chef back in New York, is her boyfriend.

Assaulted Caramel is the first book in award-winning author Amanda Flower’s latest series, the Amish Candy Shop mysteries. Assaulted Caramel is a cozy mystery with plenty of red herrings to keep a reader guessing and humor to keep the chuckles coming throughout the book. I’m not a cozy mystery fan, unless it is one of Flower’s books, then I can’t get my hands on the latest book fast enough. Chapter One of the next book in the series, Lethal Licorice, is included at the end of Assaulted Caramel.

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Today’s Backstory-WIP

Backstory from WIP (work in progress)

She watched the two of them now, both laughing as Ian set the tire spinning, fast enough to entertain Kevin, but not so fast he was frightened. They blurred and Trisha gripped the the edges of the sink. Watching them on the swing brought back memories long buried; of her other little boy and husband, dead almost seven years now.



The above point of view is that of Virginia (Ginny) Wagner, the protagonist in my WIP (work-in-progress). She is a single mom to another little boy, and the time of reckoning is starting, based on the decisions of the past few years—decisions full of secrets she must keep, an effort that is almost becoming impossible as she and Kevin, her son, become more entrenched in the small village of Buck’s Eye.


One of my mentors in grad school, Leslie Pietrzyk and author of This Angel on My Chest  gave me (many) pieces of great advice on my writing, and one of those pieces was to incorporate local history into my work. In this WIP (for now, no title), I am incorporating a fictionalized account of Schoenbrunn  and possibly Ft. Laurens. Buck’s Eye is sorta kind a mashup of my hometown, Schoenbrunn, and the various towns that exist in my home county. The name Buck’s Eye comes from the state tree. How much of this will survive revision I don’t know.