WIP-Wednesday-New Character

New character

I’m toying with adding another character to my WIP. This character isn’t totally new; she is an intricate part of the novel already. What I am adding are chapters in her point of view.

I’m not writing linear at this point; just whatever is coming to mind. I don’t know if these chapters will survive a revision, so there isn’t any particular reason for adding these new chapters here.


Sam nodded. “Probably an appropriate reaction,” he said. “You’ve not been exactly honest with her in the past.”

“I don’t need reminded,” I replied. Sam had driven me across the state to the hospital where Terri and Chelsea were patients and Kyle’s body rested in the morgue. The emotional strain of the drive, of not knowing, had led to non-stop talking on my part. With no filter in place, I told Sam things I hadn’t told anyone, not even Terri.

“She never knew her father,” I’d said.

“What?” Sam had asked, straining to see the unfamiliar road in the dark.

“Terri. She never knew her father,” I had replied. “I moved away when I found out I was pregnant and told people my husband had died in a car accident.”

He looked over at me and then back out the windshield. “Why did you keep it from her and why are you telling me now?”

“I don’t know,” I said, wiping at my eyes with the back of my hand. “I kept to the lie I told everyone else and it was fine because I knew I wouldn’t be moving back to Buck’s Eye.”

“Until your parents got sick,” he said. The beams shot out into the darkness, revealing a road curving sharply left.

“Her senior year in high school,” I replied. “She was initially fascinated with the quirkiness of Buck’s Eye, but didn’t understand why I tried to keep her from having anything to do with the place. The tension between us was almost unbearable, but I withstood it to keep my secret.”