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The initial idea for my current work in progress came from thinking about time. And theology. (God exists outside of time, so is all time actually present to God–there is no past or future?) Time to us is linear–past, present, future. But what if…time ceased to be linear and became always present? The “what if” question drives a lot of my fiction writing, if not all of it. I’m comfortable with the unknown and curious as to what else may be present just outside of our senses.

Also? I live in a place where Amish are prevalent–the past and present co-exist here. 🙂 Even though the lifestyles are completely different, they are dependent on each other. Same with Sweetwater County–the present and past are intertwined and influence each other in good and bad ways.

Work in progress

 Revisions. That is what I’m working on, but I hope to have them done no later than June 1st. I’ve had fun coming up with a fictional town, county, and populating them with characters. Sweetwater County is a place where time is fluid and past and present flow into and out of each other. Why? I’m not sure. An idea popped into my head while hiking in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, but I need to think about it some more, so folklore and legends may be forthcoming. People in Sweetwater County and the surrounding area don’t think twice about how time works in their county because it is just the way life is and has been for a very long time.

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